V 3.0.6 GAMMA



Oculus Connect is the annual Oculus conference where VR game developers and content creators are invited to learn more about Oculus's VR platform, network with each other, and get the latest information about Oculus hardware, software, and technology in development.

For Oculus Connect 6 I volunteered to help create a central element of the conference branding, a series of abstract evolving patterns that resemble flowing digital paint strokes, and speak to the convergence of creativity and technology. I developed a custom system for generating these animated patterns using particle systems within HoudiniFX.

A team of internal designers, freelancers, and artists at Buck LA took my work and used it to develop the wide range of assets needed for the conference. The following images are a selection of both final assets and R&D work created over the course of the project.


3D Art, Art Direction