tim zarki

is a passionate designer from Southern California, with a BSDES in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. He is currently a 3D Generalist at Oculus, and was formerly the Design and Advanced Visualization Lead for MNML in San Francisco.

Tim brings a broad set of skills and passions to his work, with projects ranging from industrial design, concept design, and motion design, to graphic design, UI/UX design, generative design, and web design. He devotes much of his time to broadening his horizons in the design industry, learning new tools, mastering old ones, and exploring disciplines outside his comfort zone.

email: tim@zarki.net
insta: @_zarki_
pinterest: pinterest/timzarki
linkedin: linkedin/zarki
behance: behance/zarki
artstation: artstation/zarki
gumroad: gumroad/zarki
dribbble: dribbble/zarki
inspo: dope.pictures

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00 Superlight C-SMG
01 MNML X-Series
02 A FAN
03 Ovie Launch Video
04 Radical Moov
06 Hue Inhaler
07 One Small Step
08 Hex Object
10 MNML Off The Wall
11 Misfit Ray
12 EVO Bike
13 Üllo
14 SVF-47 Minerva