LAB / a collection of artistic experiments, technical R&D, and projects in progress
A body of ongoing experiments with interactive real-time Physarum and Boid simulations in Unity.
Telecubes are a series of interconnected audio visual and sensory devices that are meant to encourage creativity and experimentation. They act as a physical node network, each telecube either generating or manipulating a signal in some way before passing it on to the next device in the network.
Spaceforce is an ongoing project to explore a modular method of conceptual spacecraft design and construction. Spacecraft elements are designed along preset profile sizes and shapes to make each module interface with as many other modules in the system as possible.
MICA is a digital camera design project that originated with my senior thesis capstone project that I developed over a period of six months while studying industrial design at DAAP. It was also the subject of an 8 week apprenticeship I did with Ash Thorp as part of his Main Title Design class on Learn Squared. MICA is an examination of ways in which the digital camera experience for casual users and prosumers can be modernized to keep pace with advances in UI/UX with mobile devices and wearables.
The Super Sylph is a fictional high altitude reconnaissance aircraft from the anime and novel series Yukukaze. This project is a recreation of the Super Sylph as a tribute to the unconventional aircraft designs from that anime, which I am a huge fan of.