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radical moov


Industrial Design, Design Visualization, UI/UX, Web Design

Client: Radical Transport

MNML partnered with Mark Cuban-backed startup Radical Transport to re-imagine the future of two-wheeled transport from the ground up. In the wake of flaming hoverboards and widespread consumer distrust, MNML and Radical worked together to create the Radical MOOV: a new breed of two-wheeled personal transport that features customized ride dynamics, is engineered with premium mechanics, and is hand assembled in Dallas, Texas. MNML helped bring Radical MOOV to Kickstarter where it raised 150% of its target funding.

MOOV features a unibody aluminum chassis, customizable ride profiles, magnetically interchangeable decks, customizable lights, large ruggedized wheels, and UL certified parts.

I was involved with the project from the beginning, and was responsible for early design exploration, early app design work, final visualization work, and providing a helping hand with the web design for the Radical Transport website.

View the full project on MNML.com

Design Lead: Scott Wilson
Mechanical Engineering: Keith Alsberg
Web Design: Peter Ty and Tim Zarki
Photography: Nico Gibson
Rendering: Tim Zarki

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