tim zarki

mnml x-series timepieces


Industrial Design, Design Visualization

Client: MNML

The MNML X-Seires limited edition timepieces are bold yet restrained, with an attitude that is uniquely MINIMAL. Designs that inspire MNML most exist beyond trend, span decades, and live on for generations. These objects have been thoughtfully considered and get better with age. This is at the heart of the MNML Shop and MNML's new collection of everyday essentials, starting with the X-Series timepieces. You can visit the MNML Shop here.

I helped with the X-Series watches throughout the industrial design process, contributing face designs and details to the watch. I also had the pleasure of creating all the rendered visuals for the launch of the watch line.

Design Lead: Scott Wilson
Design: Tim Zarki
Rendering: Tim Zarki
Web Design: Sean Nelson

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