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evo bike


Industrial Design

Oregon Manifest Bike Design Challenge

I had the pleasure of being the primary CAD designer of the EVO Bike during my industrial design internship at Huge Design in San Francisco, CA. It was my responsibility to design the bike in 3D after the initial concept direction had been selected by the team, and to ferry it through the lengthy design refinement process. The EVO was designed for the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Challenge. Check out the official EVO Bike Website for more info. See the Oregon Manifest website for more details about the competition.

The EVO Bike is the answer to San Francisco's challenging terrain and need for a sturdy bike that can adapt to fill a wide variety of roles. It can be equipped to tackle every task, from commuting or grocery shopping to crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and cycling in the Headlands. With modular front and rear accessory mounts, the EVO can quickly and easily transform to fit the changing needs of its rider, and look badass while doing so.

Design Lead: Chris Harsacky and Bill Webb
Design: Tim Zarki and Quinn Fitzgerald
Mechanical Engineering: Tom James
Fabrication: Tom Schoeniger
Photography: Gautheir Richard

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