One Small Step

This body of work represents my learning and growth while participating in Ash Thorp's 8 week UI and Data Design for Film course which I took through the Learnsquared educational platform. Beginning with the director's brief, Ash tasked the class with designing the Hex Object, an interactive terminal through which vast quantities of information can be accessed and navigated.

I sought to create a cohesive design language, beginning with geometric 2D assets in Illustrator that were then used as building blocks to create 3D assets in Cinema 4D. These renders were brought together in Photoshop, where they were composited to create the final pieces. Each of the following five compositions represents a different potential embodiment of the Hex Object's design.

This experience was invaluable for introducing me to a new methodology for tackling challenging abstract conceptual design projects. I also learned the power and efficiency of combining 2D and 3D software to create pieces with a high level of complexity, detail, and depth.

The process for creating the work began with mind mapping, planning, and the collection of reference materials and inspiration. I was inspired most by the architecture of computer chips, and the density of geometry and visual information contained within them.




This was my first attempt at really designing a complete title sequence, thinking about how one frame flows to the next, and the overarching narrative told through the images. Integrating typography elegantly was also an important aspect of the process. It was a really enjoyable challenge and I feel that I learned a new thought process that I can carry forward to future projects that involve visual storytelling.

One Small Step is a fictional documentary which chronicles the events of and context surrounding NASA's Apollo moon missions. As part of my apprenticeship under Ash Thorp's Main Title Design class on Learnsquared, I was tasked with designing style frames for a title sequence to One Small Step, using a limited selection of photos from NASA's photography library.


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